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Streets of Color Gallery


Campo Viejo is a celebrated Spanish wine. However, very little of Spain's modern, expressive culture was associated with the brand.

The challenge was to prove the vibrancy of Campo wine to today's urban wine drinkers.


The Streets of Color project - a partnership with international grafitti artists and collaborators, Okuda and Remed, to bring the color of Campo Viejo wine to the streets of the world.

How It Worked

Okuda and Remed hosted live art interventions in London, Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona, Toronto, Mexico City, Bilbao, Oslo and Miami, teaming up with local artists to create branded environments in various city locations.

They started the tour with a 20 foot high sculpture in the Campo Viejo vineyard in La Rioja, Spain, inspired by the environment and expressiveness of the wines (see film).

The project continued in different cities, including a 130 x 90 foot mural in Miami. 

In addition, an art kickstarter on the Campo website let local artists submit proposals to bring color to their cities, and fans vote up the projects they wanted to see happen.


The campaign received significant media coverage and a 25% uplift in social engagement.


Naked offices around the world completed this project, with creative leadership by the Sydney team.


Agencies: Naked (Sydney, London)

Credits: Paul Bootlis (assoc creative director, copywriter), Sesh Moodley, Simon Vexnor (creative directors), Tim Batterham (designer), Patricia M. Felix (director), Gabrielle Flanagan (producer)


Featured in PSFK, Arrested Motion, Juxtapoz, High Fructose