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Levi's Gallery


Levi's was celebrating 140 years with a train traveling the original route Levi Strauss took from New York to San Francisco to sell his 501s. The train set off with some of today's coolest artists and thought-leaders on board, creating content together and sharing it with the world.


Our challenge was to connect those artists with the world, in real-time.


We created Levi's Tools - 4 vintage art instruments reinvented as modern-day social media devices.

How It Worked

These tools combined many custom software and hardware add-ons, and fused old and new elements in true steampunk style. An original analog dial on the Bolex camera allowed you to switch Instagram filters, for example.

Users were given RFID bracelets for instant login and sharing.


The work was a collaboration between AKQA and FakeLove NY


Agencies: AKQA, FakeLove

AKQA Credits: Paul Bootlis (senior copywriter, assoc creative director), Sergio Vilatimo (senior art director), Stephen Hadinger (creative technologist), Jungshih Wang (designer), Lee Riley (designer), Paul Nowikowski (assoc creative director), Neil Robinson (creative director)


Cannes x Silver, Bronze

One Show, Clio x Bronze


"Past and future collide in an amalgam of hacked technology." - Wired

"A reminder of the endless possibilities ahead." - Rolling Stone

"Levi's shows that technology is the new Wild West." - Aaron Koblin